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Art within the Soul.

"Every piece has a story to tell... and a message to give ".

Each collection talks about aspects that we live in daily life.

Each piece inspires and encourages to live happy, searching for new challenges and

improve our quality of life day by day, changing the quality of our thoughts

Collections as  Nothing is Perfect , Closing Cycles , Paths, Intuition and Star from New

reenergize us  and give us strength to redirect our attitude to a positive one.

Jewelry Designer / GIA Gemologist / Indusrial Designer

Bhagavati is the purest and most sacred feminine, Goddess in Sanskrit and the logo that is the lotus flower, the sacred flower that is born in the swamp and blossoms in the face of adversity, just as the woman has that inner strength to succeed in any circumstance. 


I as a woman, I share stories that were decisive for my life and may help other women to have a better attitude before life and problems, which will become learning experiences. 


Being able to dress with small pieces of art during the day,  keeps us present and conscious in our goals and challenges.  Every time that we see it, we make the connection mentally and emotionally with the purose of the message.


Speaking of my life, I speak of the woman in search of something superior to the present, to touch in each heart the need to live better and enjoy the little things that life gives us. Interweave with joy every experience that brings us closer to development. Being aware and present of each experience is part of an apprenticeship. 


From the soul I carry of the feeling to the writing and then the written words I project them  into forms. Each line has a purpose and the whole is the history which each nourishes it with its own history and life teaching.

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