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Collares y cadenas con dije en plata fina, collares de plata en torreón para mujer, collares de plata  para mujer online, joyería de lujo bhagavati.

Momentos B. Rodio

$4,599.00 MXN
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All that we have lived, a whole space, a life, we go through it, we remember it and we will live it again.


It is then when I say:
In each one of us, there exists that seed, the origin of everything, with power to everything.

I want to shout to the world that now is the time of love and joy, tomorrow, it will not be, nor do we know if it will be possible.

I live and let live, I laugh and enjoy joyfully, awake and aware of everything around me, freedom and choice in our actions.

Fullness in the love of self, partner, friends, family and the supreme; looking for balance, center and balance.
Thank you if you are, were, or will be part of this ... Let the shapes speak and the stones heal, wake up if you are asleep and connect to these stories.


It is important to wash the pendant and chain and ring, with hot water and liquid soap. Using a toothbrush for the hard-to-reach parts. Dry with disposable tissues.
DO NOT use silver cleaning products, as they will remove the Rhodium plating.